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Thank you Mom!

by Suzanne VanderFeen on 01/27/12

I have always given my mom the credit for my abilities to pull and define components when smelling and tasting wine. I was very young when my mother lost her eyesight to a brain tumor and in the early 1970's Colbalt Treatment diminished her senses of taste and smell.

Despite her disability, she sensed she would have a short time on earth and wanted to teach me her love of cooking. Mom would instruct me as I cooked these dishes, then have me describe the smells and tastes to her. OH how she would laugh at some of my descriptions! Mom and I decided that we were the only two people in the world who loved the smell and taste of burnt popcorn.

This month, my mother would have turned 81 years old. I believe every time I intentionally burn popcorn for myself, my mom is smiling down from Heaven and enjoying SEEING me eat that popcorn!

Wanda Lee Felton-Brethold, 1931 to 1976

Forever in our hearts