Old Dog New Tricks! : Vines 2 Wines Excursions
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Old Dog New Tricks!

by Suzanne VanderFeen on 09/01/11

Yes! You can teach this old dog new tricks! I always tell my better half that he pays me to sit and do the computer work. That I do the Excursions for free! I have made no secret that I was website illiterate when we started Vines 2 Wines Excursions two years ago.Since the begining my computer(aka DMC,short for Driving Me Crazy) and I have a Love/Hate relationship. But DMC and I have a new relationship counselor named "Kyle". 

Kyle is one of the newest and brightest stars at "Homestead" Intuit company. Kyle has taught me DMC's language,to touch DMC lightly,to be patient with DMC when he is slow to comprehend. That DMC needs ME!

Thank you Kyle for all your help! DMC and I see brighter days ahead! 

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